Our Services

Over two dozen board-certified ophthalmic surgeons practice at the Swedish Eye Center – more than you'll find in any other facility statewide. Their combined expertise covers virtually every ophthalmic subspecialty, including cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachments, corneal transplants and diabetes complications. And regardless of their clinical interests, all of our surgeons have one thing in common: years of experience.

Cataract Treatment

Cataract removal is one of the most successful surgical procedures done today, with a greater than 90 percent success rate.

Corneal Disorder Treatment

There are many causes of corneal disorders, including keratoconus (an irregular curvature that leads to blurred and distorted vision), eye inuries, infection and hereditary corneal disease.

Detached or Torn Retina Treatment

When part of the retina either tears or pulls away (detaches) from the back of the eye, you may notice floaters (specks or threads in your vision), flashes (lights, stars or streaks in your vision), sudden blurry vision or an area of your vision may seem shadowed.

Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment

Diabetic retinopathy is a complication of diabetes that is caused by changes in the blood vessels of the retina – the light-sensing membrane that lines the back of the eye. The result is blurry, distorted vision and sometimes even blindness.

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is a buildup of pressure inside the eyeball that produces gradual and irreversible vision loss. Early diagnosis and treatment are absolutely essential because the progressive blindness caused by glaucoma is irreversible.

Macular Degeneration Treatment

Macular degeneration is a progressive disorder that affects the macula – the central area of the retina responsible for sharp, central and color vision. It is common in older people and is considered a process of aging.

Macular Hole Treatment

When a hole develops in the macula – the central area of the retina responsible for sharp, central and color vision – central vision may be blurred, making it difficult to read, watch television and recognize familiar faces.