JUST Birth Network

At Swedish, we honor the possibility inherent in every life. That’s why we created the Justice Unity Support Trust (JUST) Birth Network.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Every year more babies are born at Swedish than at any other health system in Western Washington.

Helping you have your baby your way is one reason so many families choose Swedish. So is the peace of mind that comes from giving birth at a place with so many years of experience. While most births happen without a hitch, Swedish has teams of experts who care for those with difficult pregnancies, as well as newborns who need extra medical attention. We’d love to help you as you begin the journey of a lifetime.

Swedish Maternity Resources for Pregnancy and Birth


Hear from an expert educator, take part in hands-on activities, and most of all, ask questions.


Get information on where to give birth, who to choose as your provider, childbirth and parenting classes, whether genetic testing is right for your family, and more.


To help you get ready for the big event, we have lots of good information about all things labor and delivery, including doula services.

Mother holding newborn

Swedish offers lactation support, breastfeeding and chestfeeding classes and milk donation.

Providers Specializing in Pregnancy and Childbirth

At Swedish, you'll have access to a vast network of dedicated and compassionate providers who offer personalized care by focusing on treatment, prevention and health education.

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Circle® is a free pregnancy and parenting app that provides useful health resources, top-notch pregnancy calculator and tools to help track ovulation, weight, blood pressure, and vaccinations. Enjoy easy access to program information, services and classes, too! Plus, when you connect to MyChart through Circle, you will receive appointment reminders for you and your children.

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News & Information From Our Experts

Get the latest news, important information and updates from Swedish experts.

Therapy or play? Pediatric PT at Swedish is both, thanks to our expert specially trained therapists. Watch video: A Seattle Sounders FC star visited with pediatric therapy patients and caregivers.
For NICU babies and their families, a sweet treat from Swedish caregivers.
Swedish’s Medical Director of Midwifery, Mary Mittell, CNM, discusses how midwifery supports inclusive, holistic care.
The initiative, a joint venture with the Washington State Hospital Association and others, seeks to ensure shared decision-making processes between birthing parents and clinicians.