Nuclear Imaging

Nuclear medicine is a specialty of medical imaging that uses radioactive pharmaceuticals to help detect the presence of disease or injury. Nuclear medicine patients are given a radioactive compound that travels through the body to the specific area being studied. A gamma camera is used to create images that provide information about the structure and function of most organ systems in the body.

Nuclear Medicine Procedures

Our board-certified physicians and specially trained technologists utilize nuclear medicine to help diagnose diseases like heart disease and cancer.

  • Bone studies 
  • Cardiac studies 
  • Pulmonary studies 
  • Thyroid studies 
  • Parathyroid studies 
  • Lymph node studies 
  • Gastric/Abdominal studies 
  • Hepatobiliary/Liver studies
  • Renal/Kidney studies
  • Tumor studies
  • Brain studies
  • Central nervous system
  • Abscess/Infection studies
  • Non-thyroid therapies