Maternal and Fetal Specialty Care

Maternal and Fetal Specialty Care helps women who are going through high-risk pregnancies.

We bring together doctors who specialize in maternal and fetal medicine (all part of the Obstetrix Medical Group), latest technology and resources to help you get the care and compassion you need for a high-risk maternal condition, pregnancy complication or fetal complication.

You can also see us for advice and counseling if you need support before becoming pregnant. If you’ve had pregnancy problems in the past or a family history of genetic problems, or if you have a chronic medical condition, we have the experts who can answer questions you may have as a prospective parent.

As our patient, you’ll have access to all of the comprehensive pregnancy, childbirth and post-partum services available at Swedish including:

  • Around-the-clock availability of doctors who specializes in neonatology care
  • Obstetric and pediatric nurses, anesthesiologists and therapists
  • Diagnostic procedures, genetic testing and ultrasound imaging
  • Postpartum support and care continuity
  • Our Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

We handle all of your pregnancy-related appointments for you and keep your primary care physician or obstetrician informed so that you and your baby can get the care you need in a single location.