Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Our highly skilled reconstructive surgeons work with patients before their mastectomy and then alongside their breast surgeons when immediate reconstruction is desired. We know that women who want reconstructive surgery have their own expectations on results. That’s why our reconstructive surgeons perform microsurgical breast reconstructions and tailor surgery to to meet the needs of each patient for their individually desired outcome. 

The most common motivation for breast reconstruction is having a more natural breast shape following a mastectomy, eliminating the need to wear a prosthesis in a bra. While reconstructed breast may not look exactly like your natural breasts, many women experience an improved body image and self-esteem after breast reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction can either start at the time of the mastectomy or be delayed. Both immediate and delayed reconstruction can give good outcomes after careful individual consideration.

The two primary types of reconstruction are implant-based and tissue- or flap-based. Both methods, through different means, achieve the goals of creating a “skin envelope” of the desired breast size and shape, creating a substitute for the missing breast tissue. In some situations, a hybrid reconstruction is performed: a combination of tissue from elsewhere on the body with an implant.

Providers Specializing in Breast Reconstruction Surgery

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