Medical Imaging

Also known as: Imaging

Swedish Medical Imaging Centers are staffed by board-certified radiologists and licensed technologists and sonographers. It is our goal that you will experience extraordinary care during your visit. This is Our Promise to You.

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Hours for Outpatient Services and Phone Numbers by Location

Guide to services 

  • Bone densitometry: Offered at the Ballard Women's Imaging Center as well as several Swedish clinics.

  • Diagnostic radiography (X-ray): A full range of radiographic studies are available at Ballard, Cherry Hill, Edmonds, First Hill, Issaquah, Mill Creek and Redmond. Routine radiography is also offered at several clinics. See a list of locations.

  • Computed tomography (CT) imaging: Provided at all facilities. The fastest available scanners make the exam much easier on the patient, provide enhanced diagnostic information, and decrease the chance that sedation will be required for children and agitated adults. This technology allows us to obtain 3-D and other views without additional imaging.

  • Coronary calcium scans are provided at Cherry Hill and Swedish Issaquah Medical Imaging, using high-speed computed tomography (CAT SCAN) imaging, coupled with sophisticated computerized 3-D imaging and post-processing techniques.

  • Fluoroscopic radiography: Available at Ballard, Cherry Hill, Edmonds, First Hill and Issaquah. All locations provide state-of-the-art digital capabilities.

  • Interventional radiology: Interventional radiology is available at our First Hill, Cherry Hill and Edmonds facilities. The departments feature several procedure rooms, and specially trained physicians utilize a wide variety of the latest interventional, less-invasive techniques. 

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): All Swedish facilities maintain MRI scanners. Our systems are designed to be less claustrophobic for patients. All our scanners are accredited by the American College of Radiology.

  • Mammography: See Swedish Breast Centers

  • Nuclear medicine: Available at First Hill, Cherry Hill and Edmonds. Our board-certified physicians and specially trained technologists utilize radioactive isotopes to help diagnose diseases like heart disease and cancer.

  • Positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT): available through the Swedish Cancer Institute's PET/CT Imaging Center and Swedish Issaquah and Swedish Edmonds.

  • Ultrasound: The latest scanning technology for general and OB studies is available at all facilities. Physicians are able to monitor examinations in progress through a bank of monitors stationed in the physician's interpretation room.

About the Swedish imaging centers

The imaging centers share a central database of patient records which is available to physicians electronically. This allows us to get the results of your exam to your physician more quickly, so he or she can get started on a course of treatment for you if necessary.

Our centers are designed for patient convenience and comfort, and special care was taken to make the various medical imaging areas comfortable for children. Typically, procedures for children are scheduled when child-life specialists are available to counsel children and families. Every patient is treated with dignity and respect.

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ACR Accreditation

Additionally, all of our imaging departments are accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) in recognition of their demonstration of and commitment to quality diagnostic imaging. Each of the imaging modalities goes through a rigorous testing process every three years to validate this commitment and renew their accreditation. Along with that, we complete daily and monthly checks to ensure compliance with our quality standards. The ACR is the "Gold Standard" for quality in the imaging world.