Congenital Heart Surgery for Adults

The Swedish Heart and Vascular Institute is the most comprehensive heart-surgery program in the area, with nationally recognized cardiac surgeons who treat the full spectrum of heart problems, including congenital heart surgery for adults.

Surgeons with the Swedish Heart and Vascular Institute provide expertise in treating various types of congenital heart disorders. Congenital heart disease is a defect in one or more structures of the heart or blood vessels that occurs before birth, while the fetus is still developing. Congenital heart defects are often not identified until adulthood.

The most common congenital heart disorders affecting adults are congenital valve defects, defects in the walls between the heart’s chambers, and patent foramen ovale (PFO), which is incomplete closure after birth in the wall separating the upper chambers of the heart.

Congenital heart surgery for children is available through Swedish Pediatric Specialty Care, in association with Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in Tacoma.

Providers Specializing in Congenital Heart Surgery for Adults

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