Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Swedish offers a complete continuum of rehabilitation services, from acute, inpatient care to extensive outpatient therapies by experienced, caring staff in state-of-the-art facilities, including one dedicated to pediatric therapy services. Swedish provides rehabilitation services to nearly 7,000 patients every year. Our experienced staff provides a full array of rehabilitation services ranging from sports-injury therapy to neurologic rehab for patients of all ages.

Often, rehabilitation involves patient education and training in proper movement and skills. It can be as simple as an exercise class or as sophisticated as electrotherapy. Rehabilitation can also include ultrasound and manual therapy techniques.

Rehabilitation is a crucial aspect of the treatment process for many medical problems. Whether for a hip replacement, spine surgery or torn muscles, rehabilitation is primarily intended to help patients heal quickly and completely so they can get back to normal activities, as free from pain as possible.

Rehabilitation is used in treating virtually all medical problems related to muscles, bones and joints as well as conditions related to the brain and heart. Most commonly, Swedish rehabilitation teams help patients recover from surgery and accidental injuries. They also help patients manage the effects of diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, cancer and diabetes.