X-Ray & Fluoroscopy

A full range of diagnostic radiographic (X-ray) studies are available at Swedish. Diagnostic X-ray is an examination using ionizing radiation to produce images. X-rays are performed for various reasons such as, but not limited to, diagnosing bone injuries, tumors or chest infections.

Routine Radiography

X-rays of the chest, abdomen, spine, sinuses and extremities range from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the type of X-ray or number of films ordered by your doctor. Please come dressed in clothing that lacks zippers, grommets, beads, sequins, etc. You may be asked to change into a gown or draw string pants for the exam as well as removing jewelry, glasses, hair pins and dental ware if it interferes with the body part being x-rayed.

Swedish strives to use the lowest dose of radiation possible for diagnostic imaging. Exposure to radiation during pregnancy may produce birth defects. Always tell your doctor and technologist if you suspect you are pregnant.

A board-certified radiologist will interpret your images and create a report for your physician.