Head & Neck Surgery

Swedish Head and Neck Surgery at the Swedish Cancer Institute provides comprehensive and state-of-the-art medical and surgical treatment for patients with head and neck cancer. This includes cancer that originates within the structures of the head and neck, including the lips, oral cavity, sinus-nasal cavities, pharynx, larynx, lymph nodes of the neck, salivary glands, thyroid and parathyroid glands, and the skin of the head and neck region.

Head and Neck Cancer: Overview

In the video below, Head and Neck Surgeon Dr. Namou Kim provides and important overview of what to expect with Head and Neck Cancer.

Integrated Approach to Care

Our multidisciplinary team works closely with other physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners, physical therapists, speech pathologists and naturopathic physicians to provide a comprehensive care experience, completed by an integrated approach to care, leading-edge imaging and diagnostic techniques, treatment options and a wide selection of quality support services.