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Functional Restoration for Pain

Moyamoya Disease

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The last thing 24-year old Brianne Cassidy had on her mind was the possibility of having a stroke. But that’s exactly what happened after she took a particularly hard hit on the water in a tubing mishap. A team of neuroscience specialists, including Drs. Tom Kushner, Yince Loh and Stephen Monteith successfully employed a combination of clot-busting drugs and medical devices to remove the clot, averting what could’ve been a very bad outcome.

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Spine Surgery: Meningioma

As an avid 75-year-old tennis player, Shirley was amazed when sudden sharp pain in her back turned out to be a benign spine tumor. In a painstaking 7-hour surgery, Dr. Rod Oskouian literally did take the pain away.

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Brain Tumor: Glioblastoma

Just before Brian Nelson's 50th birthday, a trip to the ER led to the discovery of a brain tumor. After two surgeries, Dr. Charles Cobbs recommended experimental treatment of an anti-viral drug — and it’s working.

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After a lifetime of debilitating epileptic seizures and mostly ineffective medications, David Erickson met with Dr. Michael Doherty, who made a surprising recommendation: brain surgery. Four years later, David is seizure-free.

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Brain Tumor: Meningioma

Kippen Westphal’s benign tumor had been removed at another hospital years ago in a 10-hour surgery. When it came back, she stayed out of the OR and saw Dr. Sandra Vermeulen, and received a series of brief, painless CyberKnife treatments instead.

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Subdural Hematoma

After traveling around Rome, Assisi and New York, Helen Donnelly Goehring was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma. Before her surgery, the anesthesiologist wrapped her hand with gauze so she could keep her rosary, that had just been blessed by Pope Francis,  with her through the surgery. Thanks to her neurosurgical team, Helen came through with flying colors.
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