Swedish Digital Experience for Neuroscience Procedures

The Swedish Neuroscience Institute is now offering you an easy way to stay connected, informed and on track from your initial appointment through your procedure and recovery. This new Digital Experience offers virtual visits, preparation reminders and follow-up contacts after your procedure.

hand holding mobile phone featuring app

Your Digital Experience can include:

  • Virtual visits with your specialist from the comfort of your home (smartphone, tablet or home computer required).
  • An option to receive communications via text messages or email sent to your phone, tablet or computer providing:
    • Information and reminders to support you and help you prepare for your procedure.
    • Follow-up messages that allow you to check-in directly with your care team so they can monitor your recovery and progress, as well as address any care or pain concerns.

Ask if your physician offers a Digital Experience for your surgery or procedure or call 866-356-9434

"Engaging patients through virtual visits and digital touchpoints has been instrumental in delivering the best care and experience. Patients love it and I have been able to help patients who were previously unable to come see me in person."

Rod J. Oskouian MD, Jr.  FAANS
Chief of Spine, Swedish Neuroscience Institute