Patient Information

Infusion therapy is a difficult process for many. Our goal is to make your time with us as comfortable as possible, while providing you with safe, quality and compassionate care.

Schedule your appointment

You may schedule your appointment by telephoning our reception staff. Call 206-386-3800 Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. If our receptionist is unavailable please leave a voice message. We check messages regularly during the day and each morning. Be sure to leave your name, return phone number and your birth date.

Insurance pre-authorization

Many infusion treatments provided in our center require pre-authorization from your insurance company in advance of your treatment. We work in conjunction with your physician’s office staff to get authorization prior to scheduling your first appointment. You will be involved in this process.

Physician treatment plan

We require a physician to write your treatment plan prior to your appointment being scheduled.

Laboratory service

Laboratory testing is often necessary before starting your treatment. Some of these tests are done prior to your infusion – often at your physician’s office. Ongoing laboratory testing to check your progress is available.

Pre-treatment phone call

A member from our infusion staff will call the day before your scheduled appointment (or on Friday for a Monday appointment). We will confirm your appointment time, check in time and your general health.

You will be asked some basic health screening questions, and for your current weight if your treatment medication is weight-based. It is important that you discuss any illness with the staff prior to your scheduled appointment. Many of the treatments provided can significantly impact your health if you are currently experiencing illness (fever, on antibiotics, cough, etc).

Where to find us

The Infusion Center is located on the fourth floor of the Medical Pavilion (Suite 420). The Medical Pavilion is located directly behind the main Swedish First Hill campus. View a map & directions.


Access the parking garage from Columbia Street. There is a circular drive for convenient drop off from Minor Avenue. Parking fees are posted at the garage entry gate.

Check-in and registration

Our center schedules patients based on the anticipated treatment time; it is important for you to be on time for your appointment. Our current check in for registration is 15 minutes before your actual scheduled infusion. If you arrive late, we will make every effort to treat you, but your appointment may require re-scheduling.

Check-in at the front desk, just inside the Infusion Center’s double doors. Reception staff will verify your information (please remember to bring your photo identification) and place an identification band on your wrist. If your room is ready, the reception staff will direct you. If your room is not ready, you will be asked to wait in the reception area until we come to escort you.

Your treatment room

Your treatment room is appointed with a comfortable recliner chair and an area to hang your personal belongings. You are welcome to bring your own personal diversion/entertainment device (computer, tablet, hand held game, cell phone, book, magazines, iPod, DVD player, etc.) and snack food of choice from home. We offer a microwave for your convenience.

Visitor policy

Our rooms can accommodate one family member or friend to stay with you during your treatment. In order to maintain a calm and healing environment, we respectfully ask that you speak quietly and not bring children with you.

How to prepare for your treatment

Unless directed otherwise by your physician, please drink plenty of fluids the day before your treatment.

Temperatures fluctuate within the center; please dress comfortably and consider dressing in layers.

Your companion accompanying you to your treatment may wish to bring snacks or a meal; these items are not included with your treatment.

Factors that influence your treatment time
Lab testing

Some infusions require lab tests to be drawn prior to the scheduled infusion.

Medication preparation

Treatment medications are only prepared by our pharmacy after you arrive in the infusion center.

Treatment time

Many treatment programs require pre-medication, and the length of time prior to starting your infusion can be 15-60 minutes. Check with your nurse to for an estimate of your treatment time, or any other questions or concerns.

Snacks and lunch*

Lunch is provided for patients with treatments lasting longer than four hours. View the current lunch menu.

Snacks for patients, available on request, include:

  • Cheese and crackers
  • Graham crackers
  • Mini pretzels
  • Nutter Butter
  • Oreo
  • Ritz peanut butter bits
  • Trail mix
  • Potato chips

Drink options include:

  • Apple juice
  • Cranberry juice
  • Black tea
  • Coffee
  • Hot chocolate
*Snacks and meals are provided to patients only. Your companion may bring snacks or a meal.