You're expecting? Congratulations!

You’re just nine months away from a brand new life

It’s true that nine months sound – and sometimes feel – like a long time to be pregnant. But when you think about all the dramatic changes taking place in both you and your baby, it really is amazing that nine months are all it takes.

Fortunately, those nine months will give you plenty of time to make some important decisions, like where to give birth, who to choose as your provider, and whether genetic testing is right for your family. You’ll definitely want to tour our birth centers, and get prepared by taking classes, too.

If you just found out you’re pregnant (or plan to be soon), you’ll want to check out our Newly Pregnant page for advice on getting your pregnancy off to a healthy start. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to track your baby’s development week-by-week. You can also see our Trimester Overviews & Checklists for tips on what to expect and how to get ready for your baby’s arrival. And our High-Risk Pregnancies page will highlight how we’re well equipped to care for complicated pregnancies — whether they start out that way or not.

Last, but definitely not least, be sure to read about The Lytle Center for Pregnancy & Newborns. It’s a comfortable, friendly place where Swedish patients can take classes, meet other families, get help with lactation and go for new mom and well-baby checkups.

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