Prenatal Genetic Testing

No one wants to hear that a complication has developed during their pregnancy.

At the Maternal and Fetal Specialty Center, we are experienced in the latest diagnostic procedures and genetic testing to provide the best outcome possible for both you and your baby.

Overview of prenatal testing options
Genetic disease carrier screening

Genetic carrier testing is a blood test to check if someone is a genetic disease carrier or unlikely to be a carrier. Learn more about carrier screening.

Prenatal genetic testing
  • Overview: Prenatal Genetic Testing
  • Chapter 1: Ultrasounds during pregnancy
  • Chapter 2: Noninvasive prenatal screening tests
  • Chapter 3: Diagnostic testing
  • Chapter 4: Genetic disease carrier testing
  • Prenatal Genetic Testing: Conclusion
  • Prenatal Genetic Testing: High risk factors
  • Prenatal Genetic Testing: What are chromosome conditions?
  • Prenatal Genetic Testing: Which screening test is right for me?
  • Prenatal Genetic Testing: Understanding screening test results
  • Prenatal Genetic Testing: What do diagnostic tests check for?