Swedish Orthopedic Institute Photo Tour

The Swedish Orthopedic Institute is the largest dedicated orthopedic facility in the Pacific Northwest and one of the largest in the country.


Open lobby atrium and outdoor seating provide a relaxing environment for visitors.


Patient drop off and entrance to the facilities dedicated four level parking garage are located on Cherry Street.


Skybridge to Swedish's First Hill Campus allows for easy transport of patients requiring non-orthopedic services.


Patients and visitors are greeted in the lobby by the facilities concierge team.


The Wilma Nelson Atrium is one of the many locations within the facility where there are art pieces on display.


The pre-admit clinic will take care of all of your pre-surgical needs including lab, EKG, anemia clinic services and physical therapy.


Computer access is available in the lobby for patients and visitors.


Patients and families arrive to a private second floor reception area and lounge on the day of surgery.


The staff at the Swedish Orthopedic Institute is specially trainied to care for a wide variety of orthopedic patients.


The 60 surgeons who practice at the facility are sub-specialized in all areas including joint replacement, spine, foot/ankle, hand, sports medicine, pediatric orthopedics and even muskuloskeletal tumors.


The 10 operating rooms contain the best technology available for orthopedic care.


Spacious transport corridors allow for the easy transport of patients between clinical areas.


The surgical recovery area lets in natural light for patients and staff.


The three inpatient floors contain 84 private rooms for patients following surgery.


Each inpatient room contains a daybed for family members if they choose to stay overnight.


The inpatient rooms are spacious and wi-fi enabled.


Private patient storage and a flat screen TV are available in each room.


Each inpatient floor contains a physical therapy gym.


There are several mutlidisciplinary work areas through out the facility.


The orthopedic team has access to dedicated relaxation areas within the facility.