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Every possible advantage, every step of the way

When you’re facing a cancer diagnosis, you want the best medical care available, period. You’ll find many of Puget Sound’s top cancer experts at the True Center, an entire team of specialists and unmatched support from diagnosis through treatment and recovery.

Greater collaboration

Many of the providers who treat women have offices and clinics in the True Center itself, so they can work together more easily to offer the most comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan for every patient.

Coordinated care

A specially trained care coordination team works with every patient to help make appointments, answer questions, and work behind the scenes to make certain a challenging time goes as smoothly as possible.

Welcome convenience

The True Center is located on the 5th and 6th floors of the Arnold Pavilion – home of the Swedish Cancer Institute. Our patients will likely receive most of their care in this building, so if they have two or more appointments on the same day, they can often accomplish them with a single visit.

Personalized treatment

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for cancer. Even women treated with the same therapies for the same type of cancer can respond differently. At the True Center, a team of specialists will collaborate to develop a custom treatment plan for every patient.

Clinical trials

The Swedish Cancer Institute is one of the leading clinical trial sites in the West, currently involved in hundreds of trials of cancer drugs and treatment approaches. True Center patients quite often have access to these trials of new, promising medications and procedures before they’re widely available elsewhere.

Circle of care

A diagnosis of cancer extends far beyond a woman’s physical health. At the True Center, patients and their families will find a host of services – everything from financial counseling to art therapy – to provide support wherever it’s needed.

Extensive resources

The True Center is part of the Swedish Cancer Institute, Seattle’s oldest and largest cancer-treatment facility. That means the providers here have ready access to the vast resources of the entire Swedish system, including the latest technology, research and clinical trials.