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Treating the body is only half of the equation

Dealing with cancer is a big enough challenge. But sometimes, the emotional and financial side effects can feel every bit as overwhelming. At the True Center, you’ll find a wide range of services and specially-trained staff to help patients and their families through a difficult time.

Sellen Construction Education Center

In addition to the main education center in the Swedish Cancer Institute, a satellite location right within the True Center provides patients with brochures, books and Internet resources. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, our staff can help find just what you need.

Cancer education classes

We encourage patients and their families to take advantage of the free classes offered by the True Center on topics that include nutrition, exercise, managing symptoms and maintaining a positive outlook.

See Swedish’s full list of classes and register online.

Support Groups

It’s not unusual for cancer patients to feel lonely and isolated during their treatment. So the True Center offers expert-facilitated support groups to share with others going through the same experience.

Oncology social workers

The True Center is home to licensed oncology social workers who provide ongoing counseling and assistance as a patient progresses from diagnosis to treatment and recovery.

Psychiatric care

Our board-certified psychiatrists help patients deal with the emotional challenges of cancer, medications and side effects to restore a sense of well-being. They’ll work closely with other members of a patient’s care team to help manage this aspect of her treatment.

Genetic counselors

Women with a family history of – or who are at high-risk for – developing breast, ovarian, colon and other hereditary cancers may wish to see our genetic counselors. These professionals help patients understand both the risks and benefits of genetic testing. They can then arrange for testing, interpret the results and recommend how each patient, her family and her doctors can best manage her risk.

Nutritional care

Good nutrition plays an important role in cancer care. Experts here help patients and their families develop healthy eating habits before, during and after treatment.

Fertility preservation

Financial counselors

These professionals help patients navigate the health insurance maze, coordinate care that must be pre-authorized, and assist in other ways to ease the financial burden of treatment.