Ordering and Refilling a Prescription

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If your physician has referred you to this pharmacy, follow the instructions below. 

New prescriptions

  • Your prescriber must send a valid prescription to our pharmacy via their preferred means. A prescription can be brought in person, faxed by the doctor, sent electronically by the doctor or called into the pharmacy by the doctor. When a valid prescription is on file, you may call into our pharmacy to place your order and setup a shipment during regular business hours. 
  • Your doctor can e-scribe or fax a new prescription to us. Please note, certain controlled substance medications cannot be faxed. The paper copy of these prescriptions must be brought or sent to the pharmacy.
  • Your prescription may be filled with a generic equivalent substitution based on state law, equivalency rating and in accordance with company policy. Please ask a Pharmacist if you have any questions or concerns.  
  • We will let you know if the pharmacy is unable to fulfill the medication request. Suggestions and guidance on where the medication may be available will be given upon request.


  • We will call to schedule your refill order a week or so before you should run out of medication. 
  • If you run out prior to us contacting you, or you would like to go ahead and order your refill, please contact us. Please have your prescription number(s) available to place your order.
  • During business hours, you can call the pharmacy to speak with a staff member or follow the prompts to request your refill using your prescription number via touch tone phone.
  • If you need to fill a prescription that is limited by your insurance company benefits (example: refill early because you are going on vacation or lost prescription), please let us know so we can coordinate with your insurance company to obtain an exemption.
  • If you call to request a refill outside of regular business hours, please leave a message with your name, birthdate, medication, and prescription number(s), and a pharmacy staff member will respond the following business day.
  • Inform us of any insurance, address or health changes.
  • If you need your prescription immediately, ask us to expedite it. If you cannot wait for a shipment, you may ask about having your prescription transferred to a local pharmacy. The prescription can be transferred back to us the next time it is needed.