Swedish First Hill Birth Center

Office information

747 Broadway
5 East
Seattle, WA 98122
Phone: 206-386-6000
Main Phone: 206-386-BABY (2229)

DISCLAIMER: The video does not reflect current COVID-19 policies. Please speak with your provider to receive updated policies impacted by COVID-19.

More babies are born at Swedish First Hill than at any other hospital in the state. What’s made the First Hill birth center the place to go? Many moms and dads like the idea that Swedish simply has more experience. Others say it’s a nursing team that goes out of its way to make you feel comfortable.

Speaking of comfort, all the rooms at First Hill are private, with Jacuzzi tubs, birthing balls, squatting bars, music systems, wi-fi, and most everything else to make your delivery as stress-free as possible.

Just as important, the First Hill birth center is served by some of the region’s top experts who support complex pregnancies. Most moms and babies never need these services, but it’s very reassuring to know these safety nets are here if you need them.

One more plus to having your baby at First Hill is The Lytle Center for Pregnancy & Newborns. This new center will give you and your family members guidance all the way through your pregnancy, delivery, the first few weeks at home with baby, and beyond.