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Thoracic_warren_200 Warren Barlow at 78 years of age was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. In January 2007, right after his 79th birthday, he entered Swedish Medical Center to undergo an esophagectomy (removal of the esophagus) by Dr. Brian Louie.

Although he recovered without difficulty after his operation, he sustained a vocal cord injury at the time of surgery, which left him hoarse. Eventually in March of 2007, he had a procedure to repair his injured vocal cord and his voice improved.

If that wasn't enough excitement, Warren developed gall stones and in July of 2007, he had his gallbladder removed. Through the trials and tribulations of last year, he never lost his patience or his sense of humor. He was always smiling and always grateful for the care that he received at Swedish Medical Center.

His lovely wife, Maryln was at his side every step of the way. He kept looking forward to the day when he could return to his favorite pastime, ballroom dancing. Before 2007 came to an end, Warren got back in his tux and he and Maryln hit the dance floor.

Congratulations, Warren!

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