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If you are being referred for surgery, you will meet with one of the thoracic surgeons for your surgical consultation. The surgeon will do a careful review of your medical records and your past medical history. Additionally, they will perform a relevant physical examination and often review your xrays with you.

This is followed by a detailed discussion to define the illness or problem which led to your consult visit. The surgeon will then outline their role in the treatment of your illness. Based on the information gathered from your history and physical exam, the surgeon can outline the next diagnostic or therapeutic steps to evaluate and treat your condition. They will help you to understand why the tests are being ordered and how the additional information may influence the recommendation for treatment.

When surgery is recommended, the surgeon will explain the nature of the operation proposed, and what to expect after surgery, in hospital and at home. This explanation will include the risks and benefits of the surgery as well as available alternative treatment options.

The Swedish Thoracic Surgery team also hopes to provide comfort and security for patients during a difficult time in their lives. The surgeon will direct your care and manage your treatment to ease any anxiety inherent in the process.