Treating Snoring and Sleep Apnea

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Sleep surgery encompasses use of both minimally invasive office based procedures and traditional and innovative operative techniques for treatment of simple snoring and sleep apnea patients.

Evaluation begins with comprehensive review of symptoms, review of data including polysomnography if applicable, and detailed upperairway examination to direct and formulate a treatment plan.

Additional specialist services or diagnostic testing are arranged as needed after initial evaluation.

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Preparing for Your Appointment

Your initial visit will include a detailed history taking and review of any previous testing. The physician will perform detailed examination of your head and neck, followed by one or more diagnostic procedures to evaluate your upper airway. Please bring any outside records including sleep studies, radiographic studies (CT, XR, etc.) related to your condition. If performed at an outside facility, please request and bring the actual films, or films on CD. Also, please bring a complete medication list or the medications themselves.