Structured Functional Restoration Program

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Functional Restoration

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Chronic pain can affect important parts of your life—your ability to work, to be active with family and friends and to participate in simple activities that are important to you. 

At Swedish Pain Services, we use a team approach to better understand the factors contributing to your chronic pain. Our goal is to help you better understand and manage your pain by using medication and nonmedication approaches, including exercise, physical and occupational therapy, psychological counseling, relaxation training and nursing education.

How the program works

Your initial assessment will include a comprehensive evaluation by our pain psychologist and a pain medicine specialist. During this visit, you and your providers will develop a treatment plan. The initial visit takes place over two to three hours. Your pain management treatment plan may include a range of services based on your needs. Some patients may need to coordinate physical therapy, medication management or injection therapies into their plan, while others may require a more comprehensive “boot camp” program, such as our Structured Functional Restoration Program (SFRP). SFRPs involve the coordination of care by a number of pain specialists and providers. Our interdisciplinary team model involves patients participating in four to five hour-long sessions, two to three times per week. During each session, patients visit with multiple pain providers and educators, sometimes individually and other times in groups.

SFRP team roles

Our providers are national leaders in the treatment of pain, providing you with the best care possible. 

Pain management specialist. Provides medical evaluation and management of pain conditions; coordinates and oversees your care across all team members.

Pain psychologist. Assists you with stress management, coping with pain and social health. 

Physical therapist. Provides guidance for improving your strength, balance, movement and endurance; develops functional goals, activity tolerance and home exercise program.

Occupational therapist. Assists you with self-management of pain to improve your participation in all areas of self-care, work and leisure.

Relaxation therapist. Provides training in relaxation techniques using biofeedback. 

Pain nurse educator. Provides education and discussion on chronic pain, medications, side effects, sleep problems, sexuality and nutrition.