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PET/CT Imaging at the Swedish Cancer Institute

1221 Madison St.
Arnold Pavilion, Suite 150
Seattle, WA 98104

To order a PET/CT exam, please fill out the PET/CT Imaging Referral Form. Fax this form, a copy of the insurance card, radiology reports, chart notes and pathology reports to 206-215-3651. Our scheduling coordinator will then begin the process to schedule the patient.

If you would like referral forms and/or patient preparation forms delivered to your office , call 206-215-6487 or send us an email

For Swedish and Affiliated Providers Using EPIC

Place the PET order into Epic as well as the diagnostic CT exams you request. On each order please specify the date range of the exam in the “expected by” column and provide any additional information into the comments section. Our PET/CT coordinator will immediately receive the order in Epic and begin the process to schedule the patient. No calls or faxes needed as long as all the information is in Epic.

Please note if the patient has any outside labwork, pertinent imaging studies or chart notes these will need to be faxed to 206-215-3651.

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