First Hill Block 95

Map view of First Hill block 95For more than a century, Swedish has committed to providing extraordinary care in the most healing environment to all those we serve. As part of our current approved First Hill Master Plan, which was developed in 2005 in collaboration with the City and the community, Swedish is preparing for the much-needed replacement of aging facilities at our First Hill campus.

During the week of June 1, 2020, Swedish started the demolition of Block 95 (the block bounded by Minor, Cherry, Boren and Columbia), in accordance with our approved First Hill Master Plan. The demolition fulfills our promise to the community to remove structures that could present safety concerns if they remain empty and unused. It will also enable us to safely use the site if additional space is needed to build tents to accommodate a potential future surge in COVID-19 patients.

Work on the site will comply with the state’s new safety guidelines to protect workers from COVID-19, and we expect there will be minimal disruption to surrounding residents and businesses. Once the demolition is complete, there will be an excavation seven stories down to expand Swedish’s below-grade parking capacity and a rebuilding to grade.

The current project will end with the regrade to street level and the construction of proper fencing and barriers to protect people from getting onto the site. We are working with the local arts community to create fencing that adds to the First Hill neighborhood and supports local artists.

We are hopeful that we can move forward in the future with the construction of a new tower for outpatient care on this site. However, in light of current challenges, we are reviewing our financial position and will determine an appropriate schedule for that phase of the master plan.

Swedish is committed to serving as our community’s health partner. This project is one piece of a bigger effort to ensure Swedish can continue to fulfill that commitment.

More details are available on the City of Seattle's website.

Please review our Block 95 demolition FAQ here.