Swedish First Hill Expansion Project


For more than a century, Swedish has committed to providing extraordinary care in the most healing environment to all those we serve. As part of our current approved First Hill Master Plan, which was developed in 2005 in collaboration with the City and the community, Swedish is preparing for the much-needed replacement of aging facilities at our First Hill campus.

The new facilities will help us continue providing the best environment for our patients, families and caregivers. When completed, this transformative project will define the First Hill campus for the next 50-100 years.

Swedish will make these improvements to:

  • Replace structures dating back as early as 1925
  • Provide the best care for a rapidly aging population
  • Respond to unprecedented inpatient growth
  • Meet the most current technology needs in appropriate space
  • Support the safest, highest quality care possible
  • Fulfill our promise to care for all those who need our services
  • Utilize clinical space most effectively and efficiently
Our plans include new buildings to replace the current North Tower and Block 95 (which includes non-acute care buildings and a garage). The new Northwest Tower will be the most significant and complex project undertaken by Swedish in the past several decades, and will involve replacement of many of the most complicated and systems-intensive services on the campus. The Northwest Tower will accommodate a variety of uses; including: emergency department, critical care units, surgical suites and patient rooms.

Features of the new buildings

The new hospital tower will create a new state-of-the-art environment for our patients and caregivers and will include a larger, more efficient emergency department, private rooms for patients, and new state-of-the-art operating rooms.
The redevelopment also provides the opportunity to improve many support services, including a new kitchen to serve the entire campus and improvements to the critical supply delivery process. We will also have the opportunity to improve campus access, public safety, way finding, the surrounding streetscapes and parking access.

Community benefits

There will be a number of public benefits associated with the development related to street improvements, sidewalks, landscaping, open space plazas and more. Swedish will collaborate with the city to develop a street concept plan for Minor Ave between James and Madison that is coordinated with the First Hill Public Realm Action Plan and Bicycle Master Plan. Improvements may include realignment of curbs, traffic lands and parking, pedestrian crossing and curb bulbs, wider sidewalks, street trees and landscaping, furnishings and signage.

More information

More details are available on the City of Seattle's website