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Every year more babies are born at Swedish than at any other health system in Western Washington. Helping you have your baby your way is one reason so many moms and dads choose Swedish. So is the peace of mind that comes from giving birth at a place with so many years of experience. While most births happen without a hitch, Swedish has teams of experts who care for moms with difficult pregnancies, as well as newborns who need extra medical attention. We’d love to help you as you begin the journey of a lifetime.

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  • Ballard - 5300 Tallman Ave. NW, Seattle, 206-782-2700
  • Edmonds - 21601 76th Ave. W., Edmonds, 425-640-4000
  • First Hill - 747 Broadway, Seattle, 206-386-6000
  • Issaquah - 751 N.E. Blakely Dr., Issaquah, 425-313-4000

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