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Why Are More Babies Born at Swedish Than any Other Hospital?

When you live in Western Washington, it doesn’t take long to get the idea that most people around here were either born at Swedish or had their babies here.

What’s made Swedish the choice of so many families? For one thing, it’s pure convenience. With four birth centers from Issaquah on the Eastside, to Edmonds up north, and then to Ballard and First Hill in the heart of Seattle, you can have your baby at Swedish and never be too far from home.

Moms and dads also appreciate that they have options with Swedish. Want a big-city hospital, with a Level IV neonatal intensive care unit, and staffed with experts in high-risk pregnancies and caring for sick newborns? You’ll find that at Swedish. Do you prefer a smaller, quieter setting that’s more low-key? That’s Swedish, too.

Whatever you decide, every Swedish birth center is set up to help you have your baby your way. And here’s one more plus: Since Swedish was one of the first hospitals in the area to switch to electronic medical records, you can rest easy knowing that your medical history and test results are available in an instant at any Swedish birth center, as well as most doctors’ and midwives’ clinics.

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