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Why Are More Babies Born at Swedish Than any Other Hospital?

When you live in Western Washington, it doesn’t take long to get the idea that most people around here were either born at Swedish or had their babies here.

What’s made Swedish the choice of so many families? For one thing, it’s pure convenience. With four birth centers from Issaquah on the Eastside, to Edmonds up north, and then to Ballard and First Hill in the heart of Seattle, you can have your baby at Swedish and never be too far from home.

Moms and dads also appreciate that they have options with Swedish. Want a big-city hospital, with a Level IV neonatal intensive care unit, and staffed with experts in high-risk pregnancies and caring for sick newborns? You’ll find that at Swedish. Do you prefer a smaller, quieter setting that’s more low-key? That’s Swedish, too.

Whatever you decide, every Swedish birth center is set up to help you have your baby your way. And here’s one more plus: Since Swedish was one of the first hospitals in the area to switch to electronic medical records, you can rest easy knowing that your medical history and test results are available in an instant at any Swedish birth center, as well as most doctors’ and midwives’ clinics.

Why Is Swedish a Great Place to Have a Baby?

In the video below, Dr. Dorcas McLennan, Medical Directory of the Family Childbirth Center at Swedish Ballard, discusses the benefits of Swedish and the complete spectrum of care you will receive when having your baby at Swedish. Seattle OB/GYN, Dr. Judy Kimelman, discusses why she chose to deliver babies at Swedish.

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Full Video Text/Transcript for "Why is Swedish a Great Place to Have a Baby Transcript" Video

When you're looking for the hospital where you'll eventually deliver it's important to have one that's located conveniently either to your home or your work. Swedish has a lot of different hospitals so the majority of women will be able to find a hospital that's close to them.

You're also going to need a hospital where you feel comfortable and safe. My feeling is once you close your door and  you're in your labor room, it's really about you and you're going to get a team of people that really care about you and care about your delivery and care that you get the experience you want in a really safe environment.

And that's what I love is that everything is there if you need it and you can have the kind of delivery you want; if you want to go naturally you can have a doula if that's what you want to have, if you want to have the ability to labor in a very comfortable setting. But if you have a complication there is a whole team of people just waiting to jump in and take care of you.

One of the best things we have at Swedish, and the whole system, is an electronic medical record and we call it EPIC. So everything that would happen in my clinic is in the electronic medical record. So if you happen to go to the emergency room at Issaquah or at Mill Creek or at First Hill, or if you have a consultation with a doctor at First Hill, all of the stuff that I've done, every lab, every ultrasound, every note is in your chart. And in OB it's particularly important because now you're pre-pediatric provider, maybe your family practitioner, maybe a separate pediatric provider, if they're in the Swedish system they too have your records that they can look at to better care for your child.

So there's this amazing continuity that happens, both inpatient and outpatient. It's seamless and that's a huge advantage to patients.

That's one thing I love about Swedish is the nurses that are there. We're a team when we're taking care of our patients. And they give the same compassionate care that I want to give to my patient.

So it's a great environment for me to practice in. And it was a conscious decision.  I really wanted an environment I felt comfortable and that I felt that if my patients had a problem I had a whole team of people that could respond in a hurry and that they would take really good care of my patients in the same way that I want to take care of my patients. So I very carefully chose to do my deliveries at Swedish and I'm glad I did.