Find an MD or Midwife

Want to have your baby at Swedish?

Let us help you find a provider

Most people hear about a doctor or midwife they’d like to have deliver their baby, and then they start thinking about hospitals. But you can also do this the other way around. Choose a hospital you like, and then find a physician or midwife who delivers there.

We’ll make that as easy as possible, with two ways you can research doctors and midwives:

  1. Call 206-386-BABY (206-386-2229) and we’ll help you find a physician or midwife who fits your needs and delivers at the Swedish birth center you prefer.
  2. Choose a birth center and find a provider who delivers there.

Once you’ve found the names of doctors or midwives who sound like a good match for you, the next step is to call their offices. They can tell you about their guidelines for meeting and accepting new patients, and whether or not they accept your insurance plan.

What types of providers deliver at Swedish?

Learn more about the differences between nurse midwives, family practice doctors, OB/GYNs and others.