Taking Health Care to New Heights

We’re proud to be changing the health-care landscape in Seattle – and beyond

After years of planning, we’re moving forward with construction of two world-class medical towers: North Tower and Block 95 Tower. North Tower construction starts first, with Block 95 Tower starting at a later date.

First Hill North Tower Rendering

North Tower: The Future of Acute Care

The 12-story North Tower – tentatively opening Fall 2027 – will allow us to replace our aging facilities, and will feature:

  • New main surgery: 24 advanced operating suites, with state-of-the-art technology to support the evolving delivery of surgical services
  • New emergency department: a 31-room emergency department, designed to be more efficient and better manage the needs of patients
  • 72 acuity-adaptable intensive care unit (ICU) beds to ensure flexibility
  • New centralized imaging facilities
  • Supportive, healing spaces for patients, caregivers and visitors
  • Connection to the skybridge over Marion Street
  • Underground parking, retail areas and green spaces, which will offer respite and convenience for all who work and visit
  • Shell space on several floors for future expansion of bed floors or procedural space

Block 95 Tower: The Future of Outpatient Care

This tower will come on the heels of North Tower construction, but the timeline is subject to change. For now, this site will be a staging area for construction of the North Tower. Plans for this building include outpatient space and medical offices.

Rendering of First Hill's Block 95 Tower