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What’s it Really Like to Have a Baby at Swedish?

The people who can give you the best idea of the pros and cons of having a baby at Swedish are the moms and dads who had their babies here.

To summarize, here are some words to the wise from Swedish parents.

“We had August at Swedish Ballard. They were so nice. They were really calming. I wasn’t at all worried, nervous, or stressed out.” Kate B.

“Being at Swedish, it felt like we were at home. Everybody was friendly. It just felt like we were well taken care of, so it took that stress and edge away.” Greg M.

“The people were all so friendly. They really love what they are doing. I think that is one of the most important things.” Karla E.

“I was very happy with how quick and efficient everybody was. You’d think that going into childbirth there would be a little bit of chaos, but it was very peaceful.” Aisa S.