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Caring for High-Risk Moms Is Truly a Swedish Specialty.

While most pregnancies are completely normal, every now and then a mom and her unborn baby need some special help. Fortunately, Swedish’s Maternal and Fetal Specialty Center is one of the most experienced in the Pacific Northwest at managing complicated pregnancies.

And what, exactly, is a complex pregnancy? While there are no hard and fast rules, these are the situations that make it worthwhile to look into a hospital well-versed at handling high-risk pregnancies:

  • You’re over 35
  • You or your partner have a family history of genetic birth concerns
  • You’ve had complications during an earlier pregnancy, or they develop during your current pregnancy
  • You have a medical condition that can affect pregnancy, such as diabetes or obesity
  • You’re expecting twins or triplets

To help you learn more about Swedish’s Maternal and Fetal Specialty Center, we’ve devoted an entire section of this website to high-risk pregnancies. You’re also welcome to contact us directly with any questions:

Maternal and Fetal Specialty Center
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First Hill Campus, Nordstrom Tower
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