Community Resources

Another great thing about living here: You’ll find all kinds of support for new moms and dads.

Here are some of the resources in and around King County that many parents find useful. Don’t forget to check our Classes, Tours & Events section, where you’ll find plenty of help for new parents, too.

Families of Color Seattle

Families Of Color Seattle is an organization that is connecting parents to build a loving community of families of color. They offer parent groups, community resources and events and racial equity consulting. You can find a listing of available classes, parent groups and events by checking their website. Scholarships are also available.

Grow Parenting

Here you’ll find tools and support, classes and workshops to help take the stress out of parenting and put the joy back in.

Kindering Center

Families with special-needs children can find support, classes and more through this Bellevue-based organization.

La Leche League of Washington

This organization provides breastfeeding information, support and advocacy. Choose from over 40 different meet-up groups throughout the state.

Listening Mothers

This eight-week, therapist-led program helps mothers of babies from birth through six months learn ways to reduce stress, increase self-awareness and create a secure bond with their infants. Classes meet at several locations and scholarships are available.

March of Dimes

Helping moms to have full-term, healthy babies is what this 75-year-old organization is all about. If you have any questions about premature babies, they’ll likely have your answer.

NAPS (Northwest Association for Postpartum Support)

If you’d like some extra care after giving birth, a postpartum doula might be the perfect solution. She can help with everything from baby’s feeding and sleeping to preparing meals and attending to big brother and sister.

Open Arms Perinatal Services

This group helps support and care for low-income families. They pay special attention to moms-to-be and new moms through pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum.

PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support)

PEPS pairs families by neighborhood and birth date so parents can get to know others nearby with babies of about the same age. A volunteer facilitator helps parents share and learn from each other during weekly meetings over 12 weeks. Other types of meet-ups and support are offered, too. Scholarships are available.

Postpartum Support International of Washington

Here you’ll find information about pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders, plus a listing of area support groups.

Seattle Families of Multiples
Eastside Mothers of Multiples
Snohomish Mothers of Multiples

These clubs cater to the unique needs of families with twins, triplets and more. Benefits include a members-only website, meet-ups, support, and events. Membership is either free or affordable, and scholarships are available.