Levels of NICU Care at Swedish

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What Are the Different NICU Levels at Swedish?

Level IV

Our First Hill campus is one of the few hospitals in the Northwest to offer a Level I through IV NICU.  First Hill is equipped to care for newborns who need minimal monitoring and the sickest and most premature of infants. If you already know you are at risk for having a premature baby or other complications, you would be best served by giving birth at Swedish First Hill, where the Level IV NICU would be just down the hall from your birthing suite.

Level II

You’ll find this NICU at our Edmonds and Issaquah campuses. A Level II NICU can help babies born as early as 32 to 34 weeks, as well as newborns who need extra care.

If a baby born at Edmonds or Issaquah needs a higher level of care, our neonatal transport service is specially designed and equipped to transfer her to the First Hill Level IV NICU.