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What Happens at My New Mom Checkup?

Six to eight weeks is considered the typical recovery time after giving birth, although it may be a while longer until you feel like your pre-baby self again. This checkup is a chance for your doctor or midwife to see how your body is recovering, and for you to ask any questions you have. Remember, what may feel a little embarrassing for you to talk about is nothing your doctor or midwife hasn’t heard before — and often — so ask away.

During your appointment, your provider will:

  • Give you a breast and pelvic exam
  • Discuss good nutrition and whether you should take any vitamins or supplements
  • Give you tips on exercise and healthy weight loss
  • Ask about your emotional state and overall well-being
  • Answer any questions you have
  • Ask about your plan for contraception. If you want to get an intra-uterine device (IUD), it’s possible that your doctor or midwife can insert it during this appointment. 

If you give birth at Swedish First Hill, your new mom checkup will likely take place at the Lytle Center, right in the same building where you delivered. In some instances, moms who give birth at other Swedish campuses will also have their new mom checkup at the Lytle Center. If a family-practice doctor with OB delivers your newborn, and if this physician will also care for your new baby, you’ll probably have your new mom checkup wherever he or she practices.