Choosing a Doctor for Your Child


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If you'd like to have your baby at Swedish, let us help you find a doctor or midwife. More about types of providers.

Congratulations on your expected little one! There is a lot to do in preparing for the arrival of your baby, but none as important as choosing a provider to care for the health and well-being of your child. 

Here is a short video to help you know what to look for when finding a provider.

Here some tips and answers to frequently asked questions about finding the right provider:

What type of doctor should I look for?

Choose either a family-practice doctor, who can care for any member of your family at any age, or a pediatrician, who specializes in the care of babies, children and teens.

Where should I begin my search?

Start by asking friends with kids if they’d recommend their doctor. You also can search by area to find a doctor near your home. Swedish has more than 20 clinics spread across Seattle, the Eastside and the North End. 

What questions should I ask?

Many doctors who are taking new patients are happy to schedule free meet-and-greet appointments with parents. It’s a great way to see if you mesh with a physician’s personality and philosophy of care. Be sure to bring along all of your questions. Here are some to get started:
  • Does your clinic offer same-day appointments?
  • How do you handle after-hours calls?
  • Can I call or email with questions, or should I always schedule an appointment?
  • Does your clinic use electronic medical records?
  • Will you be able to transfer my child’s files to a hospital in case he or she is admitted?
  • Which hospitals are you affiliated with?
  • Do you accept our insurance plan?
  • What are your views on breastfeeding, circumcision, immunizations, use of antibiotics and parenting styles?

Why should I consider a Swedish doctor?

Of course, you’re free to choose a doctor from any clinic or hospital you like. But choosing a physician who is part of the Swedish primary-care network offers many benefits:

Online access to your child’s doctor and medical records
You can sign up for our free MyChart service, a secure tool that lets you use your computer or mobile device to get in touch with your child’s doctor by email. You also can request prescription refills and office appointments, view lab and imaging results, and review a summary of your child’s doctor visits. Never again will you have to call your doctor’s office to get a copy of your child’s immunization records.

Seamless care within the Swedish network 
If your child ever needs care at a Swedish emergency room, hospital or pediatric specialty clinic, your little one’s medical records will be instantly available electronically. That means information about your child’s medications, allergies and any other issues is only a click away.

Easy access to pediatric specialists
Should your child need to see a specialist, our doctors can connect you to Swedish Pediatric Specialty Care Services.
Our pediatric specialty program is one of the most comprehensive in the region. Our pediatric specialists are board-certified in a wide range of specialties, including neurology and gastroenterology. See a list of our specialists here.