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Your Guide to a Happy, Healthy Baby.

It’s amazing that someone so small — this tiny little stranger — can occupy so much of your heart. As the days go by you’ll enjoy getting to know your baby and watching her grow and change. At first she’ll spend most of the day eating and sleeping, gradually becoming stronger and more alert. In just a few weeks you’ll be treated to her first smile!

While babies require a lot of care, it’s usually pretty simple: feed her when she’s hungry, change her when she’s wet or dirty, and cuddle her as much as possible. Our newborn day-to-day care and newborn health & safety pages will tell you more. You’ll also be taking her to well-baby checkup appointments on a regular schedule to monitor her progress and ask her doctor any questions that are on your mind.

If your new baby is a boy, now is the time to figure out if he’ll be circumcised or not. Our circumcision page can tell you more.

Ignore the outdated idea that holding your baby too often will “spoil” her. Lots of holding and cuddling tells a newborn she is safe and loved, thereby building her trust in you and this new world around her. It’s one of the best ways to soothe her when she’s fussy, too.

Speaking of fussy, it’s a given that babies cry — sometimes a lot. Check out our dealing with PURPLE crying page for coping strategies, plus tips about when to call the doctor.

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Well-Baby Checkups

Deciding About Circumcision

Newborn Health & Safety

Newborn Day-to-Day Care

Dealing with PURPLE Crying

Sleep Positions and SIDS

When to Call the Doctor