Prenatal Genetic Testing

No woman wants to hear that a complication has developed during her pregnancy.

However, we are experienced in the latest diagnostic procedures and genetic testing to provide the best outcome possible for both you and your baby.

Overview of prenatal testing options

Genetic disease carrier screening

Genetic carrier testing is a blood test to check if someone is a genetic disease carrier or unlikely to be a carrier. 

Learn more about carrier screening (PDF)  

Learn more about prenatal genetic testing in these videos:

Overview: Prenatal Genetic Testing

Introduction to the option of genetic testing during pregnancy. This video poses questions to help you decide if prenatal genetic testing is right for you.

Chapter 1: Ultrasound During Pregnancy

Two ultrasounds are recommended during pregnancy. This video reviews the timing and reasons for the nuchal translucency and anatomy ultrasounds.

Chapter 2: Noninvasive Prenatal Screening Tests

Prenatal screening tests are a way to get information about the baby’s health without risk to the pregnancy. This chapter reviews the abilities and limitations for the combined screen and cell-free fetal DNA testing.

Chapter 3: Diagnostic Prenatal Testing

Diagnostic testing can provide thorough and definitive information about the baby’s genetic health. The pros and cons to these procedures and tests are discussed to help you decide if they may be helpful.

Chapter 4: Genetic Disease Carrier Testing

Genetic conditions are rare, but can happen without a known family history. This chapter discusses a blood test option that helps couple figure out if they may be at increased risk for these diseases.

FAQ: High risk factors

Most babies are born strong and healthy. This video reviews a few risk factors that may increase the chance for genetic concerns.

FAQ: What are chromosome conditions?

When deciding about whether or not to proceed with genetic testing during pregnancy, it is helpful to understand what conditions are addressed as well as what typical life for an individual with these conditions is like.

FAQ: What are chromosome conditions?

FAQ: Which prenatal screening tests are right for you?

There are two prenatal screening tests: combined screening and cell-free fetal DNA testing. This short video helps decide which one may be a better fit for you.

FAQ: Test Results