Swedish Interpreter Health Requirements

keep calm and vaccinateWhen you work in a health care environment you will always come into contact with ill patients. We want to keep our patients and you and your own family safe by ensuring that all staff and contractors are up to date with their health care requirements. You will need to get:

  • Annual TB tests. If you have a positive skin test, then you will need to get a chest X-ray to demonstrate that you are clear. After you complete the X-ray and it is negative, then you no longer need annual tests unless you exhibit any symptoms. If your TB skin test is negative, then you will continue to have annual tests.
  • MMR vaccine or a blood test that shows immunity to these diseases
  • Varicella vaccine or a blood test that shows immunity to this disease
  • Tdap vaccine. Please note that you need a new tetanus booster every 10 years, and if you only have a Td, you will need to get the pertussis vaccine to complete the series.
  • Annual influenza vaccine. The flu season generally runs from fall to spring. Once the CDC has announced that the flu season has begun (based on the number of active cases presenting), then you will either need to get your vaccine or you must wear a mask for the entire flu season (which makes it difficult to interpret), and you may be restricted from patient contact.
  • If there are any outbreaks of specific diseases, then you may be notified of additional health requirements emergently.

Most of these vaccines and tests can be obtained at local pharmacies or clinics, and most pharmacies have extended hours. You need to obtain all of these health requirements before accepting any assignments at any Swedish location.  Please keep yourself and Swedish patients safe!

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