Safety at Swedish

clenched fistSwedish Medical Center has a “zero tolerance” for any actions that threaten its employees, patients or visitors. This includes verbal and physical harassment (including sexual harassment), verbal and physical threats, verbal confrontations, and any actions that cause others to feel unsafe in the workplace. The following behaviors are examples of unacceptable actions that will result in termination of your services at Swedish:

  • Aggressive, confrontational behavior; verbal assaults 
  • Defacing and/or destroying SMC property; stealing any SMC property 
  • HIPAA violation/privacy violation or possession of patient health information outside an interpreter assignment 
  • Being under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other illegal substances 
  • Endangering patients or staff 
  • Bringing a firearm or dangerous weapon on SMC property 
  • Verbal or written threats 
  • Refusing to leave when requested to by Swedish staff or providers

If you experience any of these actions, dial 3000 within the hospital, report the incident to the operator, or dial 911 outside the hospital and then report the incident to your agency and/or the Linguistics Department. If you are asked to leave an assignment by a SMC staff person, please do so immediately and contact your agency for instructions.

Professional Appearance
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Preventing and Responding to Emergencies
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