Professional Appearance


Interpreters are expected to dress in a neat, clean, conservative, professional manner at all times.

Do NOT wear:

  • Blue jeans & shorts 
  • T-Shirts, tube, halter or tank tops 
  • Sweat shirts/pants 
  • Sandals, casual shoes like flip-flops 
  • Revealing clothing or clothing with low necklines, see-through clothing, bare midriffs, mini-skirts, or underwear that shows through clothing 
  • Baseball caps or casual hats 
  • High heels or shoes that might cause slips or falls

Interpreters should have high standards of person hygiene, conservatively applied cosmetics, jewelry and nails that are not distracting or unsafe, and well-trimmed facial hair and neatly styled hair. You are required to wear socks or stockings in patient areas. When possible, tattoos and body piercing should not be visible.

Please do not use perfumes, colognes and lotions that are strongly scented; many patients and staff are sensitive or allergic to these fragrances. Body odor should not be apparent and the smell of tobacco on clothing is unacceptable.

Code of Conduct and Expectations for Interpreters
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