Preventing and Responding to Emergencies – Swedish Codes

There will be times when you will hear emergency codes given through the overhead paging system. SMC staff is trained to respond to these codes, but an explanation is provided to you to familiarize you with these codes in order to assist you in interpreting any required action for patients. To report the following codes yourself, follow the guide below:

  • Dial 3000 or 911 for First Hill, Cherry Hill, Ballard, Issaquah, and ACC’s
  • Dial 5911 or 911 for Edmonds
  • State code name or describe emergency.
  • Give your name.
  • Provide specific location (campus, floor and room # or address).
  • Find the person in charge of the area to assist you in responding. There is a Nursing Supervisor available 24/7 at all hospitals.

Code Purple Missing adult patient
Code Orange Hazardous material spill or release
Code Triage Internal Activation of the disaster plan due to an internal emergency such as a power outage
Code Triage External Activation of the disaster plan due to an external emergency such as an airplane crash
Code Red Fire or unexplained smoke
Code Gray A patient's behavior becomes disorderly or threatening
Code Silver Any person (staff/visitor/patient) actively harming/intent to do harm with a weapon and/or hostage situation
Mr. North Threatening out-of-control visitor or employee
Code Amber Alert Missing Patient: newborn through age 17
Code Blue Urgent medical support, cardiac or respiratory arrest
Code BART Patient with possible new stroke
Rapid Response Team Critical care consult for change in patient condition

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