Integrity, Compliance, Privacy, & Security

Reporting a Concern

Swedish has an expectation that all concerns will be reported!

  • Concerns that impose a serious or immediate compliance risk that can significantly impact licensure, accreditation, reimbursement, or may lead to a major legal claim.
  • Concerns surrounding patient, employee, or contractor safety should be reported immediately to Swedish staff at your assignment.
  • Non-Retaliation policy protects all persons from harassment or other adverse actions for reporting potential wrongdoing in good faith.

Four-Step Reporting Process (continue to next step if escalation needed)

  1. Discuss the issue or concern with Swedish staff or providers at your assignment.
  2. Discuss the issue or concern with your agency management.
  3. Ask your agency management to contact the Linguistic Services Manager.
  4. SMC Linguistic Services will contact System Integrity or a local regional compliance/privacy representative.
  5. You may also always call the Swedish Integrity Line (888-294-8455).

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