Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Blind and Hard of Hearing Patients, Family Members and Visitors


Occasionally you may interpret for an individual who has hearing, speech or vision loss. Swedish staff may request a Sign Language or Tactile interpreter, as well as a language interpreter for a patient. You will work together as a team to provide interpretation. These assignments will take more time to accommodate the need of multiple interpreters.

Some patients with hearing or vision loss may benefit from using an Assistive Device to help them hear or see. You may be expected to interpret for Swedish staff to assess a person's need for such devices and explain to a patient what each device can do for him/her. Please notify the provider if you become aware that a patient has any sensory that they may order an Assistive Device to help the patient, family member or visitor.

To be prepared, please familiarize yourself with the available Assistive Devices at Swedish.

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