Printable Communication Aids

Before you arrive, you may wish to print a Communication Alert sign to bring with you, and use to notify and alert staff of your individual communication needs. Please tell us of any special need you may have and we will address it.

HOHHospitalKitPhotoI have Vision Loss

I am Deaf

I am Deaf-Blind

I am Deaf and I Speak

I am Deaf and Cannot Speak

I am Deaf and I Use (Sign Language/Tactile Sign Language)

I Use Hearing Aids

I Read Lips

I Hear but Cannot Speak

I Require Interpretation

Small signs: I am Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Hospital Kit for Patients with Hearing Loss

In association with the Hearing Loss Association of Washington, Swedish has developed a Hospital Kit for Patients with Hearing Loss for patients with special communication needs that includes communication aids, information brochures, signage and alert cards to give to your providers. Please feel free to request a Hospital Kit when you arrive for your stay.