Research Considerations

Things to Consider before Beginning a Research Activity:

  • How much time and involvement will the research require from you and your staff?
  • Is there adequate staff available to assist you in this study and any other studies you may already be involved in?
  • Do you need the assistance of outside resources (i.e., any departments or institutions outside the one you are currently working in) to conduct this research? If yes, do all outside entities agree to support you in the research activity?
  • Is the protocol designed well, organized and ethical to human subjects research?
  • Is the number of patients the sponsor expects you to enroll feasible from your own practice? If not, will the sponsor provide funding for patient recruitment?
  • Have you taken into consideration all the potential costs related to the project (consultant fees, overhead, record storage, etc.)?
  • Who will cover unexpected expenses that may come up during or after the research activity (i.e., early study closure, unexpected study related injury, etc.)?