About Clinical Trials

There are many steps in the research process. A clinical trial is a critical step in developing new technologies or medications and determining whether they will be made available to the general public. A clinical trial is also a proven method of testing innovative approaches to preventing, diagnosing or treating a particular disease. Some clinical trials look at combinations of treatments to determine if a new way of delivering those treatments will produce better results. Clinical trials often lead to standards of care that benefit many patients.

What Clinical Trials Are Open

Swedish is one of the leading clinical trial sites in the western United States and is actively involved in hundreds of ongoing clinical trials.

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What Determines if I Can Participate in a Trial?

Each study has certain guidelines, and only accepts patients with certain characteristics.

Eligibility for clinical trials

How can I Enroll in a Research Study?

Information about how to begin this process can be obtained by calling the study’s recruiting coordinator. For studies of new treatments, ask your primary-care physician or the specialist to help determine if you fit the criteria and to refer you to the study if your case does fit the specifications.

Should I Participate if I Am Eligible?

When considering a study, you will go through an informed consent process. This process ensures that you fully understand the procedures of the study. You and your medical team will make this decision together.

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What Questions Should I Ask When Considering a Trial?

Anyone considering a clinical trial should feel free to ask questions about the clinical trial, cost issues or bring up any issues concerning the trial at any time.

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What Happens if I Join a Trial?

Physicians along with their specially trained research team follow the specific plan and carefully monitor all who participate in a clinical trial.

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How Does a Clinical Trial Move into Treatment and Care?

Particularly when new drugs are being tested, clinical trials are conducted in three phases.

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