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The Research Center at Swedish exists to provide support for the needs of investigators performing research endeavors that impact Swedish staff, patients and resources. The center provides administrative and financial oversight to ensure that investigations meet the safety, ethical, and financial standards of the research milieu.

The Swedish Institutional Review Office provides guidance and information regarding new study initiation which is accessible through the internet. Information about starting a research study can also be accessed through our internal Research Center intranet site. Visitors who have access to our intranet pages may wish to visit these pages:

Special Notices:

Swedish Scientific Showcase

In addition to their clinical excellence, Swedish medical professionals conduct ground breaking research and publish in key scientific journals. We want to shine light on these accomplishments in increasing medical knowledge and improving patient care.

We cannot honor what we do not know. When your papers are accepted for conferences and publication, send the citation to ACCOLADES and we will highlight them in our monthly board report and other venues including our webpage and annual report. Please send us your publication information so we can give your hard work the recognition and respect it deserves.


Research publication by Alexandra Parbery-Clark, Ph.D./Au.D., CCC-A, et al.
Examining Delayed Recall in Cochlear Implant Users Using the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, California Verbal Learning Test, Third Edition, and Item Specific Deficit Approach: Preliminary Results
Nadav Brumer, Elizabeth Elkins, Jennifer Parada, Jake Hillyer and Alexandra Parbery-Clark
Frontiers in Psychology, November 2021.
Posted 11/24/2021

Research abstract by Alexandra Parbery-Clark, Ph.D./Au.D., CCC-A, et al.
Delayed recall in cochlear implant users: Application of the Item-Specific Deficit Approach.
Parbery-Clark, A., Elkins, E., Brumer, N., Hillyer, J. (2021).
American Cochlear Implant Alliance 2021, Virtual meeting
Posted 2/21/2021

Research abstract by Alexandra Parbery-Clark, Ph.D./Au.D., CCC-A, et al.
Delayed Recall in Cochlear Implant Users: MoCA and CVLT-3
Nadav Brumer, Elizabeth Elkins, Jake Hillyer & Alexandra Parbery-Clark
Posted 12/29/2020

Research published by Alexandra Parbery-Clark, Ph.D./Au.D., CCC-A:
Performance on the standard and hearing-impaired Montreal Cognitive Assessment in cochlear implant users
Jake Hillyer, Jennifer C. Parada & Alexandra Parbery-Clark

International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry
Accepted January 21,2020
Posted 3/3/2020