SMC Research Oversight

IRB Oversight of Research at Swedish Medical Center:

The Swedish IRB Office administratively manages all research conducted at Swedish Medical Center (SMC). This includes all Swedish Medical Center campuses and clinics. 

Swedish Medical Center requires that all research projects involving human subjects or human material be reviewed and approved by an IRB prior to initiation of the research related activities, including recruitment and screening activities.

Swedish maintains an in-house IRB (Swedish IRB) in addition to contracting IRB services to Western Institutional Review Board® (WIRB®) in Olympia, WA and also maintains cooperative IRB review agreements with some local institutions. 

The Swedish IRB Office maintains administrative responsibilities for all research conducted at SMC.

Research conducted at SMC which is reviewed and approved by either the Swedish IRB, WIRB®, or an institution under a SMC cooperative IRB review agreement may be subject to review and disapproval by the SMC Chief Medical Officer.

The Swedish Research Center reserves the right to decline provision of IRB review of any research project.