Center for Immuno-oncology (CIO)

The Center for Immuno-oncology leverages the data collected through IMGEC to develop leading-edge therapies that use the power of a patient's own immune system to treat their cancer and spare them the potential side effects associated with chemotherapy.

Who: Kelly Paulson, M.D., Ph.D., Medical Oncologist and Researcher; Interim Lead, CIO Paul G. Allen Research Center at Swedish Cancer Institute

Cancer's most insidious trait is its ability to evade the body's immune response by suppressing it. Yet in recent years, immunotherapy, a form of treatment that overrides that ability and empowers the immune system to fight back, has shown promise in treating many cancers. Building upon our already formidable experience with existing immunotherapies, our team of pioneering researchers at the Center for Immuno-oncology will take the next major steps forward in equipping patients' own defenses to fight their cancer while sparing them the toxic side effects of chemotherapy. The data collected and analyzed at IMGEC will serve as the foundation for leading-edge treatment at CIO.